Friday, October 11, 2013

An other day at school

PS: This is just a record of an event. If you are free, then read.

Ian Correa, head of the Hope foundation said, It's good that you guys are coming here and inspiring our kids! Specially men. Because of all the bad news these days, kids think all men are bad, it's good  that some folks come over and inspire them. I don't know how good or bad we are, but we learn many things from them than we teach something to the children. When I was in Hyderabad i used to teach english to school kids (you know my English and how bad it is! Now, think of kids ;) ) on saturdays  and in turn they used to teach me Telugu.

An other day at school for us to tell some of the wonderful stories to the kids, to conduct science experiments, to teach a theorem or a physics formula, to make them draw sunrise or a house or clouds, to make them answer the quiz questions and  to make them wonder. But for me it was a lesson. They are poor but they are happy. They don't have complex curriculum like International public schools but they also surprise me by their answers. As I already said I learn many things than I teach. I become more humble, more happier, more richer and more lucky as soon as I come back home.

I envy them; Look at the happiness!
Ah, I know; the above story is incomplete. As part of month of service in my organization a group 40 volunteers visited a school in R T Nagar. The school is run by an NGO Hope foundation. Most of the students who study are from near by slums. We had just one day. And of course, in one day government of India itself can't pass a simple bill, Is it possible for us to bring a change in the lives of kids. The simple answer is NO. But, we just wanted to inspire those kids and bring a smile for one day! And for volunteers, it was just fun and a change. So, we had planned few activities. Some of the interesting thoughts poured in. We decided to do a few, drawing competition for lower primary, quiz for higher primary, science experiments, computer lectures and some tips on exams and public speaking to 8th and 9th. 10th students had Quintessential Experiment. They had cricket and throw ball as outdoor games too.

Quintessential Experiment; A brainchild of Suhas Narasimhan
We enjoyed as much as kids did! Yey, we painted a wall and you can see the same in the below picture! Enjoyed the delicious lunch from Shanti Sagar. And as I said before we came home with some life lessons! I have to mention the spirit of our team and our volunteer ambassador Sankeertana for the lunch at least :) Thanks Sanky! 
These guys were proud that they can survive without a software job

This does not need a caption!
PS: Thanks to Radhakrishna(RK) for the pictures!

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Ian said...

Thanks Trilochana.

On the ground we see an India that is different from the India we read about, in the newspapers.

We have our problems but we also have or inspiring stories.

More power to you.

May your hands be strengthened. Take care.

Ian. .