Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Evening @ Flagstone

As my idea was getting good score in techconnect(IBM competition) I was on cloud 9(Even though I didn't make it to semi finals), got a call from Deepthi to rush to shilpha kala vedika!. I had no mood to leave my TP. But I had no choice, took the print out of the skit which we wanted to act in flagstone day. Where we(Nirmaan volunteers and children from kottaguda government school) requested to show our volunteer activities. We planned(at last) to show a video, dance from children and a skit from volunteers along with students. As usual Deepthi greeted with a smile on her face even though she was tiered. Sandya was damn busy in teaching dance steps to children. Santhi was helping everybody to make everything pakka!! Prathima and Rajesh were still planning for something!!! Children were looking awesome with their dance dress and the godrej baby powder on their face. As usual Mayur looked tensed, but he is the backbone of Nirmaan and busy in coordinating with flagstone COO Krishnan. Between all these Madhuri was looking gorgeous with her reshme Saree..;). As a tradition function started with lightning the lamp by CEO. We were allotted 20 minutes so we completely prepared for 20 minutes. Krishnan said we will get the stage at 6 15 PM. After 15 min mayur came to us and said our performances will be right after the 2 songs, will update you guys like TV9 vartha bla bla bla(some telugu dialogues)..

Finally we got the stage but we were asked to take less time, video and dance went very well children danced like professional dancers. But their was news waiting for me and Balaji(wanted to open his account on stage) that will drop a skit(). Oh god!!! Balaji looked damn disappointed, All other volunteers didn't forget to congratulate and console Bhalaji and me. Students looked like future chiranjeevi or Anushka(only one actress i know in telugu). Hufff but chaiwala was disappointed as he was in skit! I guess he is the only guy missed stage performance! Thanks to Naidu, to prepare for my skit I gave my think pad for safe guarding!
Our students enjoyed like hell, we could see that from their glorious eyes. The special dinner was waiting for us. Even though we didn't perform Krishnan gave us a memento (that made us much more happier). Students were busy in looking at their books given by Krishnan. Srini treated all of us like his own kids. The flagstone made me and our team happier than expected!!! Brought more than million smiles at our students!!!
Pics courtesy: Madhuri!!!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ice Breaker in Toastmaster's

My heart is shrinking. Butter flies are flying from the stomach but my tongue is dancing as I am going to deliver my ice breaker!! Dear Toastmasters....

It is a small village in karnataka. People of village just celebrated fare. People were busy in talking about the drama Ramayana happened on the night of the fare.A brave boy born to a farmer couple. The first child in the joint family. I was very naughty and had done so many mischievous things a child can do. Spent my child hood days in village did all the stupid activities from climbing a tree to holding a cow's tail.

Didn't get a seat in English medium school due to my bad performance in written test conducted by school at 3rd standard, I was supposed to continue in Kannada medium school. Showed my leadership ability when I was in 3rd standard by leading all my friends to keep stones on the road to stop a bus, to go to school. Due to my poor studies my parents sent to a boarding school in 4th std. Enjoyed the hostel life with so many friends. Woke up at early 5 and did yoga, In nights went like thieves to near by orange garden and plunked the oranges. In school days, I dreamt of becoming a model Farmer and making miracles in farming and teaching new methodologies to farmer community. In high school that is 8th to 10, I transformed from an average scoring student to top scorer. That school changed the way I was. Fought with teacher for asking me coconuts for free. The teachers thought me what I should not do!. They accepted all my questions and even arguments. Emerged as a topper and a good debater!!!

Entered Mysore to do my intermediate, took science as an optional, As I was a Kannada medium guy many times as everything was in English I was not able to understand anything, many times thought of leaving that stupid science and to join arts!! Again here as I grown up dreamt of becoming a lawyer but my father and my family forced me to join engineering..Joined for engineering in BIT. My friends didn't take much time to judge me as a rural guy due to all those beautiful rural words popping all the time from class room to parking lot. Again here I dreamt of becoming a political leader and make India prosper. Still I have a dream to become a political leader!!!

Have interest in spirituality, philosophy, politics and Business. Read books, play cricket and tennis in my free time. Born in a joint family with 21 members, have one sister she s doing her Bachelor of arts. My dad is a farmer and mother is a house wife.

Thanks!! TMOD

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Austerity- A great drama from politicians

I really wonder how our politicians and TV news channels use every situation to their best. Now maharastra elections are coming on their way all political parties mantra is to win the election not to come out of the austerity. I was watching a TV channel debating hours together about economy class and business class air journey for politicians. what are these people going to save with that. We need role models from their action not by appearance on the public. who cares if they travel in which class if they don't take a piece of bribe. Each politician(almost) spends crores to win a election, where does that money comes from!. Again about TV channels, we have so many issues! why don't they discuss about those! why are they so centralized with these politicians! Dear TV channels, please look beyond politicians and politics.