Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is a matter of our lab's credibility!

We were on track, we have been undergoing loooooooooong working days since many days, that day it was a 1x1 meeting with my manager. He was so upset that we may miss a schedule(though we completed all tasks before schedule date). While talking he said we should be focused and "It is a matter of our lab's credibility", If we miss any schedule we may lose that credibility globally.....

Enough, i am not going to write here about my office story. But I am really worried how can our administrators/bureaucrats and (I don't know which adjective i need to use here) Politicians miss many schedules, many targets in organizing Commonwealth Games. Yes, it is a matter of our country's credibility in world, it is a matter of our country's will to execute one of the big sport event. The statement made by manager made me ponder not about the lab but about the country. while on my way back to home I was thinking what could be the reasons..due to our bureaucrats? politicians? or lack of commitment in government bodies or lack of people like my manager in government sector and many, list goes on...and again people of country helpless!

The only thing we can do for the success of CWG is to watch games. Lets do that...Wish all the very best to CWG..:)

Last byte:If I find suresh kalmadi, definitely something will happen...baddi maga!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd speech in Toastmaster's

Since 2 weeks, I had seen 3 bore wells being dug near my hostel. They were dug more than 1000 feet deep. Two points did not produce any water, the other one pumped very less water. It is not only the case with hyderabad. The same saga goes everywhere.

I have been wondering these days that in next few years we may empty most of the natural resources available on the planet? We are already in short of basic necessities like drinking water, electricity, petroleum products. The temperature of the earth has been drastically increasing. I still remember, the temperature was just 26 to 28 in Mysore when I was doing lab experiments in my class 12, the temperature is 35 to 37 now in Mysore.

It is already late, still it is possible to do our bit to conserve few resources. India celebrates August 20th as “Akshay urja diwas”. Akshay Urja Diwas advocates the essence of renewable energy in the sectors of bio energy, wind, hydro and solar energy.

Yes, the renewable energies are the solution to save non renewable resources. How many of us have already been using solar, wind or bio energy. May be very few. There are plenty of products and innovations available with respect to these renewable energies. Due to the raise in temperature in the cities, especially in metropolitan cities solar energy is the best alternative. One day this summer while going back to home, I was thinking Hyderabad can utilize solar energy to the maximum extent at least in 8 months in an year. But unfortunately I have been observing since one month, I dint see any solar energy utilization unit in the city.

There are plenty of solar energy utilization products in the market, few of them are solar home lighting system, solar water heater, solar dryer, solar cookers and many more.

Wind energy is one more solution for power generation in large and medium scale. These days there are residential turbines available. We can use these turbines on top of the floor and generate the power required for the house.

Bio energy is the best alternative solution for LPG. Bio gas best suits for Indian villages where biological waste can be converted into bio gas. Bio gas produce less carbon di oxide and carbon monoxide as compared to LPG. We can advise our friends, relatives or family who live in villages to use bio gas.

Dear friends, let us start using renewable resources, let us advise others to use them, let us save at least few renewable resources for future generations and let us save and build smarter planet.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My developer works!

Recently had been to IBM's My developer works devlothan, it is a kind of conferences going on all over India about current technologies and IBM developerworks. Even though i have been working with IBM since many days I never got a chance (didn't show interest) to explore My developer works. IBM has a great history of this developer works articles and provide technical assistance to IT community. IBM has launched a Social networking site for technical geeks to collaborate, to share, to gather technology. Many say it is a facebook for technical people but i don't agree for "n" reasons :). I found very interesting while browsing through even though the site is little slow! If you want to know more, search for mydeveloperworks/Devlothan in your favorite search engine..:)

PS: I am not a developer works marketing team guy!