Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is a matter of our lab's credibility!

We were on track, we have been undergoing loooooooooong working days since many days, that day it was a 1x1 meeting with my manager. He was so upset that we may miss a schedule(though we completed all tasks before schedule date). While talking he said we should be focused and "It is a matter of our lab's credibility", If we miss any schedule we may lose that credibility globally.....

Enough, i am not going to write here about my office story. But I am really worried how can our administrators/bureaucrats and (I don't know which adjective i need to use here) Politicians miss many schedules, many targets in organizing Commonwealth Games. Yes, it is a matter of our country's credibility in world, it is a matter of our country's will to execute one of the big sport event. The statement made by manager made me ponder not about the lab but about the country. while on my way back to home I was thinking what could be the reasons..due to our bureaucrats? politicians? or lack of commitment in government bodies or lack of people like my manager in government sector and many, list goes on...and again people of country helpless!

The only thing we can do for the success of CWG is to watch games. Lets do that...Wish all the very best to CWG..:)

Last byte:If I find suresh kalmadi, definitely something will happen...baddi maga!

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