Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ice Breaker in Toastmaster's

My heart is shrinking. Butter flies are flying from the stomach but my tongue is dancing as I am going to deliver my ice breaker!! Dear Toastmasters....

It is a small village in karnataka. People of village just celebrated fare. People were busy in talking about the drama Ramayana happened on the night of the fare.A brave boy born to a farmer couple. The first child in the joint family. I was very naughty and had done so many mischievous things a child can do. Spent my child hood days in village did all the stupid activities from climbing a tree to holding a cow's tail.

Didn't get a seat in English medium school due to my bad performance in written test conducted by school at 3rd standard, I was supposed to continue in Kannada medium school. Showed my leadership ability when I was in 3rd standard by leading all my friends to keep stones on the road to stop a bus, to go to school. Due to my poor studies my parents sent to a boarding school in 4th std. Enjoyed the hostel life with so many friends. Woke up at early 5 and did yoga, In nights went like thieves to near by orange garden and plunked the oranges. In school days, I dreamt of becoming a model Farmer and making miracles in farming and teaching new methodologies to farmer community. In high school that is 8th to 10, I transformed from an average scoring student to top scorer. That school changed the way I was. Fought with teacher for asking me coconuts for free. The teachers thought me what I should not do!. They accepted all my questions and even arguments. Emerged as a topper and a good debater!!!

Entered Mysore to do my intermediate, took science as an optional, As I was a Kannada medium guy many times as everything was in English I was not able to understand anything, many times thought of leaving that stupid science and to join arts!! Again here as I grown up dreamt of becoming a lawyer but my father and my family forced me to join engineering..Joined for engineering in BIT. My friends didn't take much time to judge me as a rural guy due to all those beautiful rural words popping all the time from class room to parking lot. Again here I dreamt of becoming a political leader and make India prosper. Still I have a dream to become a political leader!!!

Have interest in spirituality, philosophy, politics and Business. Read books, play cricket and tennis in my free time. Born in a joint family with 21 members, have one sister she s doing her Bachelor of arts. My dad is a farmer and mother is a house wife.

Thanks!! TMOD

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